Continuing a long and proud tradition, we consider this to be the seventh generation of the legendary Large Cordless Crash Pad. The Mission Pad has everything you should expect from a top of the line crash pad and a whole lot more. We've made some slight changes to the dimensions for more efficient use of foam and fabric. We've also made modifications to the closure system to make it more versatile.

Due to Customer feedback we've discontinued the velcro closure system. Climbers found that in some areas the velcro would pick up dirt and dead leaves, leaving the pad in an unsightly mess. We've gone to metal buckles and flaps. Simple, secure and unbreakable.

One size doesn't always fit all, so we've also added the ability to change the height of the backpack strap.

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Size: 48" x 41" x 3.5"        Weight: 11lbs

Foam: 1" stiff foam above 2.5" firm foam below

Shell Fabrics: Ballistic Nylon

Features: Padded shoulder straps, hip belt side and bottom flaps, one piece "taco closure", metal buckles


If you think about it, a Crash Pad is possibly the most simple piece of climbing gear ever: it's main purpose is to sit on the ground and get stomped on repeatedly. Over and over and over again. For years. But simple does not mean dumb.

Since 1995 Revolution has been producing Crash Pads and in that space of time we have collected a lot of experience.


A redesign of our popular UZI Pad. The Commando is intended for cruising circuits, boulder recon missions and secondary pad placement. We beefed up the length and thickness of the foam without beefing up the price. The ends of the pad cinch up to the side flap, keeping all your stuff tight.

Size: 41" x 32" x 3"

Weight: 6.5lbs

Foam: 1" stiff foam above, 2 " firm foam below

Shell Fabrics: Ballistic Nylon, urethane coated polyester

Features: Single padded shoulder strap and 3 metal buckles that can be configured to carry 3 different ways by simply threading the webbing through several optional points. Backpack style, Shoulder bag, or across the chest like a messenger bag.

Since 1995 Revolution has been producing Crash Pads and in that space of time we have collected a lot of experience The magic of a good Crash Pad is not visible, it´s inside. It´s the foam!

We are always looking for the best available foam for a safe landing zone.